The OMICS Platform aims to create a new generation experimental and developmental workflow for conducting research, provision of diagnostic and translational solutions, by enabling following activities:
- Isolation and analysis of germ cells (gametes), reprogrammed cells, tissues, etc. biological objects;
- Analysis of single and rare specific cell populations, organelles and nano-structures, cell behavior, cellular functions and signaling mechanisms;
- Whole genome analysis to assess the genetic basis, whole or target transcriptome assay to evaluate the expression of all or a large group of genes allowing for the production of highly dense nucleotide sequences with high precision and traceability of small populations of cells containing single mutations or new fusion genetic phenomena;
- Metabolic profile analysis (metabolome) for the purpose of non-invasive monitoring and study of the development of germ cells and embryos for experimental toxicologiy purposes, correlation of changes in the metabolome with alterations in the genome and proteome;
- Proteome analysis of embryos, gametes and tissues to determine the complete profile of functional proteins associated with certain phases of embryonic development (diagnostic use), reprogrammed and stem cells;
- Lipid profile (lipidome) analysis of biological membranes of reprogrammed, embryonic stem cells and gametes involved with intimate changes in the behavior of specific ligands and receptor moieties leading to a change in physiological function;
- Generation of synthetic gene products and genome repair of pathogenic mutation and / or therapeutic application of stem cells and / or their exogenous expression in dendritic cells for immunotherapy purposes;
- Sorting of single cells corresponding to a specific marker for subsequent genomic / transcriptome / proteome analysis.

Платформа ОМИКС - технически характеристики
Platform OMICS - facilities

Платформа ОМИКС - научни изследвания
Platform OMICS - research