The main priority of INFRAACT is to develop contemporary knowledge in the service of:

 • Fundamental Science of Cell and Developmental Biology

 • Translational medicine and improvment of quality of life

 The infrastructure offers to the business sector innovative solutions in areas such as:

 • Biotechnology

 • Pharmacy and cosmetics

 • Food industry

The Research platforms are the result of pooling available technological and human resources to effectively implement and widely deploy state-of-the-art technologies in practice and meet researchers' needs for technological innovation and know-how.

 INFRAACT is served by five research platforms composed of complementary distributed technology units in the various consortium organizations. The platforms provide regulatory access for research and training purposes for internal and external users, and serve special tasks by the business.

 Each technology platform is run by academic researchers and experts in the field and is designed to offer services to both the academic and industrial sectors. The aim is to create a technology transfer network consisting of experimental laboratories, training units and clinical centers, integrating fundamental and applied translational developments.

 The five research platforms that undergo sustainable development through continuous up-grade are:


  • Cell technologies

  • Omics technologies

  • In vivo Imaging

  • Cryopreservation and Cryobanking

  • Information services and Bioinformatics